Monday, February 11, 2013

BBG Hops Farm Picnic

Board have decided to move the Picnic up this year

so Sunday May 5 will be our Picnic

Please be prepared to work on the farm the weekend before as well as Saturday May 4th please

Monday, February 4, 2013

First work date set : March 3 , 2pm

Ok by general consensus , we will work on Sunday March 3, let us do this in early afternoon 2pm, so we can drink a beer afterwards

Only snow or heavy rain will stop us , I will be out there no matter what.

Tools , general gardening tools, shovels , rakes, including pruning shears, as we have to cut down all the old dried up growth, and cart it away.

I suggest gloves unless you have tough hands.

If you have a Weedeater , please bring it too

If anyone has an edging machine (heavy duty wheel kind), I would like to do the same as last year where we create a barrier around the hops planting by digging a trench

Also please all bring 2 bags of top soil each to top dress all the hop beds

Lastly new guys , if you would give me some $$$  that will help in buying fertilizer etc, I dont mind if you break it into multiple payments,