Monday, March 18, 2013

3rd Work Day Sunday 24 March 2pm

Lets keep at it, and again keep it short , max 90 minutes again

We have done well so far , with good turnouts both weekends

We have weed control to work on , stringing up the lines on back row, and water system

If you have a Hoe , the gardening variety , bring it for working on weeds in centers of circles 

Bring a beer for afterwards too.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Second work day March 10, 2pm

This weekend has freed up for me .... Sunday 2pm again

Lets stay on top of the work, max of 90 minutes and weather will be great too

will be opening bee hive with boy scouts at 1:45 too , so if anyone wants to come past early.

Will work on mounding soil on Cascades and Nugget circle -
harvest and  plant new rhizomes ,
string ropes in circles, weeding

hope to have fertilizer also there

Spreading pre emergent herbicide as well

Call me if any questions