Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day weekend, work as always

The spring has been amazing, we have had the best growing season ever, rain weekly and cool days in between.

The back row hops are now at the top of the wire, first time ever.

New growth hops also begining to show promise, cascades in the middle have a number of strong plants , and with the late plantings of Neuport already above ground too.

Work remains a challenge , we need more people out and about , 2 hrs a month each at minimum guys.   If you have even 30 minutes to give, we need it, so please come on out.

We did such an awesome job keeping the lower growth down during April , now is the time to come back and cull the light green growth that is trying to undo that work.

Pics to follow.......

Enjoy the holiday weekend and remember all those who have served before, and are serving our country now.