Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 season starts

Second work day in the rain .....  Only the hard and fast guys made it.... Don , Alan, Walt, and our newest member Kaira.
Fresh growth plus weeds
Remember the hops keep growing even if we dont make it out and this is critical time to keep weeds etc at bay.

In the morning before the rain I mowed and spread fertilizer , and at 2 pm the rest of the team came out.

We also hosted Mike and Tyler from Faucette farms who are starting up a small organic hops farm in Brown Summit.

Work we did today was cutting the furrow around the hops circles, plus  rhizome digging and weeding inside the circles, good ol Hoe work. Some of the guys worked on improving our vintage wheelbarrow too.

Fixing our antique wheelbarrow
We never got to fix the pole on back row , ( leaning ) and we still need to sort out the ropes on the Nugget circle

We need a full house at next work days guys and gals.

New Growth and Fertilizer

Hop Asparagus

Going to try Hay to keep weeds down

Lots of Hoeing

Newly Cut Cascade Rhizomes

Wheel barrows need 3 people

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