Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The season is upon us

Hops yard looks good despite the crazy winter we have had..... we spent a few hours cutting down old Bines , and cleaning up, now we need to prep for this season .

First sign of growth was seen  around 5th March , with nice purple buds now showing this week.

Time to fertilize and get lines up in prep for growth.   Will be cutting a bunch of Rhizomes with one order for 40 plus and another for 20 .... should be able to meet these this year.

 Pics from March 7th , 5 1/2 inches of Sleet, snow, ice mixed

This weekend we need to get out and work the land
Sunday 2 pm again, 

Let's bring a few cold ones as well this time to enjoy afterwards.

We need to fix the back pole , ( farm house side ) , we need to fix Nugget ropes, and of course dig out Rhizomes,

general weeding is also needed, if you have a hoe (the one with a pole attached :-)
bring it and we could do with some Weedeaters again too.
Email me if any questions

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